Manufacturing and Safety of Nudco Intimate Care Products

Clean and safe formulas

Let us tell you something that was quite a shock for us when we started looking into products available in the market. Not all lubricants and intimate care products are actually safe for you and your body. There are products in the market that include parabens, a preservative causing irritation of the vaginal membranes. Studies have also linked parabens to fertility problems and endocrine disruption. Another common toxic chemical used in personal care products, chlorhexide gluconate has been shown to destroy many good bacterias, which are necessary for a healthy intimate area – crazy right? 

We at nudco stand for the best quality, safety and transparency in our pleasure care products. We have made our formulas to be 100% safe without any toxic chemicals and nothing excess. To achieve the best possible result, we invest in the origin of our products, continuous product testing, safety and updated knowledge. 


General safety standards in the EU

All our products are manufactured in Europe, where the standards and safety procedures to cosmetics and personal care products are much stricter than for example in the US. These EU regulations are uniform across Europe and companies are not allowed to place anything on the market that does not meet the EU standards, including material safety and development safety.

In practice, this means all our pleasure care ingredients, formulas and products are safe to use on the body and intimate area by the EU law. The law requires that all the formulas go through testing procedures and safety assessments that take months to complete.  

Formulation testing procedures

The required tests vary from formula to formula and are different to water- vs oil-based products. Once the formula has been approved by us and the users, the testing procedure starts and it has three states. Firstly, we make a test-batch that goes through laboratory tests, that include stability test and microbiome test. After these tests they get safety assessment from a third party. 

All of our products go through stability tests. A stability test evaluates whether the colour, smell and consistency of the formula remains the same from the moment you open it. In the same way that our lubricant passes a stability test, it also passes a microbiome test. Microbiome test evaluates weather the formula created an imbalance in the bacterial composition. 

The minimum duration of the test is three months, and determines the shelf life of the product. The longer the tests, the longer the shelf life of the product.

Dermatologically tested

Before we started creating our formulas, we conducted initial surveys with over 150 women. Our survey showed that people value the safety of intimate care products the most, which makes perfect sense if you are using products in the area of the body that is the most delicate. Safety and community feedback are the cornerstones of our products, so we wanted to include this aspect in the product line. 

All our products are dermatologically tested by an authorised 3rd party in the EU to be safe for all skin types, including sensitive skin. A skin tolerance evaluation process on 20 participants within 48 hours with a patch test was conducted by a regulated 3rd party provider specialised in safety testing of cosmetics and personal care products. All our products were tested in a test group of 20 participants with sensitive skin, and all products passed the test without a single hit in irritation. 

Transparent manufacturing process

Our products are made in a factory that meets GMP-standards. GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) is based on ISO 22716:2007 GMP guidelines that evaluates raw materials, production, processes and procedures, records, packaging and labelling. In essence, it means that all the utensils and equipment are suitable for the manufacture and are clean and properly maintained and checked for any defects. 

To make sure everything is working as it should, each country has a supervisory authority that can carry out an inspection visit at any time. 

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