Why to Use nudco Condoms

100% natural and vegan

We at nudco wanted to update condom production for a new era by taking into account the environment, animals and people. Our condoms are made from fair trade, 100% natural rubber and do not contain any artificial or animal-derived ingredients.

Not long back in history condoms were usually made from lamb's intestines. Today, this is more rare but animal-derived ingredients still exist. In other words, there are still brands out there that make condoms from lambskin or use an animal protein called casein to smooth condoms.

nudco condoms


Safe for all

We believe that products used for sexual wellness and contraception purposes should align with our contemporary lifestyle and values. Products should be as clean and minimal with regard to their ingredients as possible but also non-toxic and non-irritating. This is where nudco's all-natural, vegan condoms come in.

Our natural condoms help you maintain vagina's natural flora and balance, whereas chemicals used by many of the condom companies can put the natural, intimate area balance at risk. These chemicals include spermicide, parabens, and excessive amounts of nitrosamines.

Our condoms are dermatologically tested to be safe for sensitive skin and are compatible with nudco water-based lubricant. In fact, it is recommended never to use oil-based lubricants with condoms, as they can damage the latex.


So thin you can hardly feel it

We have designed our condoms so thin that you hardly even feel the condom during sex. They are ultra-thin and smooth allowing maximal sensation and pleasure. And even if you do feel them, remember that the condom is the only contraceptive that protects you and your partner from a sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and infections (STIs), such as HIV/AIDS, chlamydia and gonorrhoea. However, while condoms offer a reliable protection, no contraceptive can protect 100% against pregnancy, diseases or infections.

Good for the planet

We are committed to sustainability and eco-friendly practices. This way you don't have to suffer from climate anxiety when using nudco condoms. For us, protecting the planet is key.

Our condoms have been produced in a climate-neutral way as they are made from fair trade natural latex and produced in a climate-neutral way in a modern, specialised, regulated facility in Germany. With the increasing waste problem in the world, nudco condoms come in 100% recyclable and sustainable FSC certified cardboard outer box. Also, with our condoms being manufactured locally in Europe, there's less environmental damage by air pollution. We highly encourage our customers to recycle their condoms with regular household waste after usage.

Fair for all

Talking about another real world issue, we wanted to keep an eye on the human beings too. The natural rubber in our condoms is produced fairly which means that the natural rubber used in the manufacturing of the condoms has been sourced under official Fair Trade conditions. This means that the producers have received a Fair Trade premium to help improve their living and working conditions. 

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