Naturally nude

nudco® is a contemporary pleasure company making intimate cosmetics and condoms. Our pure, sustainable, and aesthetic product line covers the everyday essentials for your sexual wellness.

    Why nudco?

    Many sexual wellness and intimate care products in the market are manufactured by men for the male audience but are still used widely by women for their intimate areas. This can cause problems for women, as women's intimate area pH value differs from men's. And did you know many products in the world today still contain irritating and even dangerous synthetic chemicals?

    We constantly see products that need to be hidden in a drawer: they are too eye-popping, nasty in style, or just overly feminine. They lack elegance and true female appeal. A vast majority of products come in non-sustainable, petrochemical/plastic tubes that leak or break easily. They are not designed for the contemporary everyday, busy, mobile lives, especially for the female lifestyle.

    Our products are designed by women for women to be kept discreetly on your nightstand. Our innovative 100% natural superfoods-powered formulations are dermatologically-tested and safe on sensitive female intimate skin. The products are sustainable, vegan and never tested on animals. They come in premium quality, matte, glass bottles with optimal dispensing mechanism and sizing as well as eco-friendly, recycled paper packaging with no excess plastic.

    We make pure, sustainable, and aesthetic pleasure products. We do things differently. Our products are clean, ecological, and discreet. Now and forever. 


    Our products contain scientifically proven, high-quality, powerful active ingredients that not only support the female intimate area pH and microbiome balance, but also help fight off unwanted guests, such as bacterial vaginosis and vaginal dryness, which makes them highly functional and antibacterial. 

    Our products contain only the good stuff from nature, including oats, berries, herbs and natural rubber. They are free from all nasties that can be found in many other intimate care products, including irritant and dangerous preservatives, formaldehydes, and other synthetic chemicals, such as parabens.

    We make functional and clean products that are good for your body.


    We strive to operate as local as possible in Europe with regard to designing, sourcing, and producing our products. We design all our products in Europe together with industry professionals and with the help of our own nudco community. With regard to the ingredients and materials, our main ingredients, mailer boxes and outer boxes come from Europe. All our products are manufactured in Europe, including our fair trade condoms.

    Our products come in glass bottles to battle to increasing ocean plastics pollution. The products are packaged in ecological, recycled, certified wood paper and cardboard material. This material is biodegradable, compostable, and fabricated locally. We have kept the delivery boxes minimal to cut down on excess waste and plastics. Our mailer boxes only include outer boxes for bottles and paper sizzle inside the order to prevent the products from breaking in delivery, our reusable paper postcard, and a how-to-use leaflet, as requested by our customers.

    We highly encourage all of our customers to recycle their bottles, including their caps. Our products can be recycled together with regular, other household waste, which makes recycling convenient and hassle-free.

    We make ethical and ecological products that are good for the planet.


    Our products are nightstand-friendly meaning they are designed to look like any other cosmetics or beauty product with the goal of de-stigmatising intimate care products and allowing you to keep them on display and available on broad daylight. Our premium, black, matte products are also loved by the male audience.

    In addition, our products arrive in discreet, plain mailer boxes straight from us to your doorstep so they do not catch unwanted attention on the course of delivery and/or reception of order. There's no need to worry what your neighbours or family thinks or that they would know what your order contains.

    We make discreet and sleek products that fit your lifestyle.

    Other benefits

    Convenient and hygienic dispensing system

    Flip caps get easily broken and leak in your counter or bag. Rollable caps are simply hard to use. We have designed each product dispenser with their optimal use case in mind. Our products come in easy-to-use, one-hand-optimised pumps or hygienic droppers so that you can always get the perfect amount.

    Optimal product size

    We offer make-up-bag and travel-friendly sizes of our bottles. They are portable and light-weight so they are easy to take wherever with you. The sizing is also ideal so that you don't have to worry about product expiration dates with regular usage, which means less waste and environmental pollution.