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Intimate Oil
Jackie A.
Intimate oil

This product is excellent, soothes irritated intimate skin very effectively. I’ve tried many things, this is the best

Both products have a lovely feel and texture, non sticky unlike some other products. Feel great on the skin and to maximise pleasure :)

Nice Lubricant

It works perfectly and has no scent.

Great sensation

Compared to some other condoms I've used, the sensation feels very real and almost like they aren't wearing a condom. There's no strong smell which I love, and my partner says they are very comfortable to wear.

Love it!

As well as using this for play (alone and with a partner) this oil has been really soothing for post-shaving as I tend to suffer with razor bumps quite badly! Would recommend

Smooth, intimate and not sticky!!

I love how this oil feels on the skin, it's lightweight smooth but doesn't feel sticky or leave any horrible residue. I've enjoyed using this alone and with a partner! Definitely will repurchase

This is the best I have ever used.

Absolutely obsessed!!

I am obsessed with these products by NudeCo. They are my go-to sensual self-care ritual products.

As a Sex Coach I'm always inviting my clients and my community to prioritise their pleasure and because these products look so sleek and sexy that I leave them on my nightstand. This gives me a beautiful visual cue to practice what I teach and means I am prioritising my pleasure with a delicious self-massage much more frequently.

I love to start with the massage and body oil because it smells divine. The citrus, rosemary and ceder essential oils fill my room and make it so easy to get in the mood, after all our sense of smell is a powerful tool for our arousal. I then follow with their intimate oil, which feels beautiful on my skin. I never thought I'd need a pipette for an intimate oil, but now I know I can never be with out it!!

Love it

Non sticky, lasts well and doesn't upset balance. I'd recommend. Also looks really good on bedside table, the branding is really nice and feels like something I'm comfortable to have out. Partner decides it as 'posh'


Absolutely love the aesthetics, the idea behind the products & they do their job 😍 (also very discreet!!)


Absolutely love these products. Definitely needed the after oil and have noticed such a different since using it.

Great Products

I love Nudco's products, they're subtle, all natural and work a dream with sensitive skin. I'd highly recommend them for partner or self play and the fact that they're vegan and eco friendly is amazing too!


Gorgeous product smells great, so fun to use

Personal Lubricant

Nice aroma and feel

It’s a really nice oil that has a great aroma. Works well but then just absorbs onto the skin. Great product

Amazing products

I love the packaging and the products themselves! It’s discreet and looks very stylish. Would deffo recommend these products and the fact they are made with all natural ingredients is a big plus!


This is a perfect combination - I especially love the lubricant size and pump dispenser - Genius idea and easy to access. The intimate oil does exactly what is says and I don’t think I’ll be without it from now on. it really does a good job of soothing . Thank you and can highly recommend buying both, they really are the best!!


I’m very sensitive down below so I have recently become very aware of ingredients in the products I’m using to try and help!
I am also pregnant so wanted to find something that is suitable to use. This literally ticks all the boxes for me, the texture is brilliant and I had no irritation at all. Brilliant product!!


The perfect body oil massage product either for keeping skin smooth and soft or if you want to share some nice touching and massaging with somebody else 😈

Scent is discrete and tasteless.

Love it and certainly will by it again!!

Great buy

I ordered it to use with a silicone toy. The fact that it was natural and made by women or AFAB people was amazing. It came in a discreet box that could be 100% recycled. The actual lubricant is lovely. Feels hydrating and not gooey like many. I haven't had any issues with it and will definitely be getting again.

Great product

The ultra thin condoms feel super comfortable for both me and my partner. As opposed to other condom brands that can feel uncomfortable and don’t give you the same pleasure that bare skin would, Nudco condoms feel like a second skin. Packaging is very pretty and sustainable as well. Overall very happy with the product and would recommend :)

No more post sex dry soreness

- My review says it all.

I also found it lovely to put on in between my periods or if I am just wanting a little bit of TLC. It's lovely as a sensual addition to my self pleasure. - I wrote about these on my instagram :) @ecstatically.ginger and will carry on raving about this brand

This is a luxury product, so smooth, easily distributes without drying up and smells beautifully sensuous! The product arrived quickly and packed really simply so it felt super personal.

Massage n body oil

After using the product no more than 4-5 times the nozzle stop working and now every time we use it, it has to be unscrewed and poured. However, the product itself it very nice. I would consider buying it again if they correct the bottle malfunction.

Hi Akhtar, thank you for the review and letting us know. This is very unfortunate. We are currently looking into this case and working to ensure that bottles function in their intended manner.

Feels natural

Surprised at how natural it feels