6 Awesome Things You Can Learn From Erogenous Spots

G-Spot is not the only sexual spot you should know about

A famous quote says that “exploration is curiosity put into action” so exploring your lover’s body is very interesting, if it's done inch by inch. People forget that gone are the times of traditional lovemaking. Nowadays, women aren't shy to do new things and want to explore their bodies. They want to get sensations in the erogenous spots before hitting the bullseye. This is likely to strengthen the bond with the partner.

There are many reasons to bypass the boring parts of the body and specialise in the sweet spots present on the body. Whenever we discuss “sex” and a woman's anatomy, G-Spot wins the race. However, there are many other spots apart from this, which individuals are responsive to. All the spots are equally enjoyable so it's highly recommended to try all of them and find which is best for you and your partner.

It is important to undertake various positions and define which works best for you because no sex position or technique works for everybody. To get the foremost pleasure from sex, communicate openly with a partner who is compassionate and invested in mutual pleasure.

1. G-Spot

Primarily a woman's body has over seven erogenous spots. Yet, only one of them is popular and called the G-Spot.

The new generation is opting in for G-Spot shot enhancements that are non-surgical injections and are meant to boost a woman’s orgasms and sexual sensation while increasing arousal and rejuvenating the vagina. These treatments are quick, effective, and don't require much recovery time. It is true that 20% of the ladies orgasm from penetration alone.

2. K-Spot

It is called because the “Kundalini Spot” and is present right above your butt hole. The best thanks to stimulate the K-spot is by exercising the pelvic muscles. After you apply pressure on this spot from outside then it feels real good. Ask your partner on how s/he wants to urge this part touched, hard or soft. The experience varies from person to person and it's worth trying.

Go gently first, caress, and if possible play a bit tongue tennis if hygiene is maintained properly. Give the buttock a mild but firm squeeze so as to point out that you just are enjoying it. K-Spot orgasms are experienced by 97% of the ladies worldwide as per a random poll reports.

3. U-Spot

The urethral sponge provides women with the U-Spot and is sometimes covered by the inner lips within the area between the clitoral hood and also the urethra. It's generally animal tissue and may be highly sensual for a few people. The name U-Spot is because it's the wrong way up U-shape.

A well lubricated finger when rubbed horizontally and vertically creates magic and once your lady is prepared for lovemaking then rub your penis on this spot before penetrating. Evidence of a woman who receives an earth shattering orgasms should have a pleasant U-spot, even as women have from the PS-spot, A-spot and G-spot. Licking the U-Spot may be luscious too.

4. P-Spot

“P” refers to Prostate, a tiny low walnut-sized muscular gland that produces the body fluid that helps sperm travel and to survive. You’ll be able to locate the P-Spot towards the rectum before it meets the uterus. The access to the present spot is through the vaginal opening and plays a significant role in lovemaking. Both men and feminine have P-Spots and are cited as internal erogenous spots.

If played properly, this spot can provide both a more enjoyable sexual experience and stronger orgasms. At first, it may be harder to locate these spots but you can use sex toys to succeed in new heights to increase your exploration of prostate stimulation. Prostate massage is additionally sexual intercourse.

Stimulating the prostate by inserting a finger, penis, or device into the anus can result in orgasm for some people. Some people use the name “prostate milking” rather than prostate massage. “Prostate milking,” “prostate massage,” and “prostate orgasms” are often used mutually. However, some use the term “prostate milking” to explain only orgasms from internal.

5. O-Spot

This is also referred to as the “deep shot”, as the O-Spot sits further within the vagina and behind the cervix. It's possible to locate this spot is through deep penetration. According the research, over 8% of the ladies are sensitive to the spot so to enjoy this spot either your partner can insert a long penis there or you can use a protracted and curved sex toy.

Areas like the neck, inner thighs, and upper back, for example, are likely to be overlooked, while women according to a study ranked these spots as erogenous, even though slightly lower in arousal than the breasts, genitals, and butt. Sometimes, however, it’s the microscopic things that may make a true difference. And yes, it is not always easy to seek out the way in the dark but try to keep the parts as wet as you can. Here, for instance, a personal lubricant may be of great help. 

6. A-Spot

Similarly, women have the “A-Spot” which is accountable for the “super orgasm”. Those that have orgasm from anal stimulation are going to be particularly fascinated by the “A-Spot” orgasm. Try to apply pressure, not vibrations, to the spot. Pushing on the spot, while offering other stimulation, like clitoral stimulation during head, may be highly pleasurable. Some people find that rubbing the spot in small, pressured circles helps.


If stimulating the A-spot doesn't work, partners may need to continue experimenting with other options. Like sex, orgasms are far from the one size fits all situation. Sometimes the orgasms are quick and satisfying, and at other times they are full body experiences and earth shattering. Any style of orgasm and even sex position is worth trying, powerful and pleasurable. It's best to remain relaxed in the full process. Our massage and body oil may help you get in the right mood and get you relaxed. Sex is all about discovery and you get to be the guide.