Personal moisturiser usage:

  • Lubricate intimate areas during sexual activities to prevent dryness
  • Suitable to use during intercourse for intensive hydration
  • Latex/condom and device compatible (water-based)
  • Apply as needed
  • Wash away after use

Intimate oil usage:

  • Moisturise, soothe and nourish intimate areas to prevent dryness, redness or itching 
  • Massage external intimate areas or erogenous zones for increased sensation
  • Use for self-stimulation
  • Do not use with latex/condom and devices (oil-based)
  • Apply as needed
  • No need to wash product away after use

 Massage and body oil usage:

  • Use oil externally to soften, soothe, and moisture your body and skin
  • Pamper senses with massaging and alluring scent
  • Use alone or with a partner
  • Apply as needed 
  • No need to wash away after use