5 Tips for Better Self-Care Routine

The need of me-time

The demands of modern life can be overwhelming: running a business, working, looking after a family and social commitments. Whatever your lifestyle, there may be no chance to have me-time at all. And sometimes it can feel difficult to express the desire to be alone, although it has little – or nothing –  to do with your relationship or how much you love your partner.

Taking time for yourself is vital. We often put the needs of others before our own because we don't want to appear selfish or feel guilty, but it's not healthy. At nudco, we think that caring for yourself is actually a good thing: it increases productivity, happiness, gratitude and empathy. For this reason, we have listed five tips for better self-care routine.


1. Schedule me-time

Having a bath alone? It can feel impossible, but making a schedule can help. Figure out your daily schedule with the people you are involved with: your flatmates, your partner or your friends. It helps when you know who is going to do the groceries and who will prepare the meal. Making time and space for everyone to be alone is important.

2. Start from you?

One of the key way to better your self-care is to being kind for yourself. It may sound easy, but it actually isn't. We quite often need outside validation and judge our own wishes and needs. If you are used to pleasing others and putting other's wishes before your own, start with self-compassion.

Self-compassion helps to free you from the expectations of others and silent the critical, demanding, boss-like-of-a-voice in your head. Practice meditation and mindfulness to reach out the kind friend you want to be for yourself, too. 

3. Massage and relax

Touch is a human need but it is also, according to science, the easiest way to boost your oxytocin levels, which, in turn, decreases the stress hormone cortisol. Start by respecting your body as it is, remember the self-compassion, this moment is safe from the self-critical voice. 

Massaging with a body and massage oil that contains essential oils helps you in the mission of relaxation. Grapefruit and rosemary essential oils are especially suited for these special moments thanks to their stress-relieving properties. Focus on your greatest senses: smell and touch. 


4. Glide and smile

We all know that there are many unread emails but putting down your phone and taking a little time for pleasure and intimacy might help ease some stress and anxiety based on research. And when it comes to physical intimacy, keep your mind open – sometimes good things comes with just a little bit of glide and smile.


5. Care for your body

You can go a long way just by starting your self-care routine with a glass of water. But better self-care is about looking after your body as a whole. A drop or two of intimate oil on your fingertips is the needed care for your most sensitive part of your body, especially after physical intimacy.


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