Expectation vs Reality: The First Time With A New Partner

The reality with a new partner can differ from your expectations greatly

All of us are fed up with long periods of pandemics and lockdowns in almost all countries of the world. Many of us are now planning to have a special time with our partners. These special moments can become more pleasurable if your partner feels satisfied after having sex with you. This experience is common for those who have been in a relationship for years.

This experience will become more impressionable if you come into a relationship for the first time and plan to have sex with your partner. You might hear about your friend's experience of having a first-time relationship with a partner. But listening to others and having a personal experience may not be the same sometimes. So here, we will disclose the real facts about having sex for the first time.


You Expect To Have A Perfect Time With Your Partner

Expectation: You expect a perfect partner and want him to understand all your problems and situations and not to get rude even if you did something wrong. In the same way, you expect relaxing and joyful sex with your partner, as shown in the movies.

Reality: Real-life sex is far different from expectations. You may feel nervous and hesitant while beginning. But you both will have a better time together if you don't feel any hesitation. Make your partner comfortable with you. Having a smile on your face during sex is considered a positive point of communication. It will make your partner more comfortable.

You Expect Painless Sex

Expectation: You feel excited and ready to have sex for the first time and expect painless sex. Your partner may ensure you have a painless sex session.

Reality: There is a difference between expectation and reality. No doubt your partner promises you to have painless or less pain during sex. But here are some real facts. Many women experience more pain than expected, whereas there are also some cases when women experience less pain than expected. It may depend upon your nervousness before sex. When you feel more nervous, you may not feel comfortable during sex leading to more stress and pain. But if you become comfortable with your partner, you will feel less pain.

No Need of Lubricant

Expectation: You think that there is no need for the application of lubricant and intimate oil to your vaginal area before, during, and after sex.

Reality: If you don't apply personal lubricants or intimate oil, your skin will become dry and dull. In order to have healthy and soft skin, we recommend you to use the best lubes for your personal care. So, if you are going to have sex for the first time and want a good experience, it's good to carry a lubricant with you. Lube during sex can enable an even better experience with your partner.


You Expect To Orgasm While It's Your First Time Having Sex

Expectation: Men and Women both expect that they will have an orgasm during sex for the first time.

Reality: It will be a pleasurable experience if you both have an orgasm while you have sex for the first time. But it also depends upon your comfort level, nervousness, and hesitation. It is not necessary that you and your partner feel the same at the time of sex. So, if you force your partner, it may lead to an unhealthy experience. Therefore, it is suggested to communicate with your partner without any hesitation and make your partner comfortable with you. It will increase the chances of having an orgasm while you have sex for the first time.

Bleeding During The First Time Sex

Expectation: According to the myths and taboos, bleeding during sex is a sign of having a proper sexual session. You may also expect the same if you are going to have sex for the first time.

Reality: Bleeding is not a sign of having good sex. Most women expect bleeding during sex, but according to studies and research, it actually happens in only one-fourth of cases. If you do not apply any 
personal lubricants, your skin will become rough and dry. This improper lubricated sexual experience can cause bleeding. So it is suggested to properly apply lubricants whenever you are going to have sex. 

Skipping Foreplay

Expectation: When you are going to have sex with your partner and think to start it as soon as possible. Your excitement will force you to indulge in special moments as soon as possible, skipping the foreplay.

Reality: For having more satisfaction and comfort with your partner, foreplay is the best sign. Moreover, it becomes more important when you are doing sex for the first time. Talking with your partner or other small things can make your partner feel more comfortable with you. Not only this, but foreplay is also important for having a pleasurable time with your partner. Trying something new is obviously a stressful thing, but you can overcome your stress with small efforts. These small efforts include building trust for your partner and talking about personal things without any hesitation.

Expectation Of Having Relaxing Sex

Expectation: You might think of joyful and relaxing sex with your partner, as shown in videos or movies.

Reality: Having sex for the first time with your partner is not as joyful and relaxing as shown in movies or you heard from your friends. Your personal experience will be far different from the expectations. You will feel fatigued and muscular pain after sex for the first time. It may be due to less awareness of applying 
lubes or other body oils.

You can use our best of massage oils for having a memorable and pleasurable experience with your partner and to relax the muscles. A nice massage with your loved one is beneficial and can relieve muscular pain.


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