The Foam

The sound of the shower hums in the hallway when I enter the bathroom while telling him how I got stuck in a traffic jam. He lathers up the soap and rubs it all over his body. He asks me if I want him to wash my back. I take off my jeans and his old t-shirt and hop in the shower. 

I wrap my tangled hair in a knot. He grabs my arm so I don't slip in the bathtub. The foam drips down his bare buttocks. I turn to look him in the eye, the dripping soap in his hands turning to foam on my skin. His confident hands, foaming soap around my breasts. He knows I like when he presses them firmly. I can feel my nipples turning hard. The foam runs down my stomach to my pubic mound, and his fingers follow after. 

His beard touches my neck as he moves his fingers softly around my clit. The water trickles down, making our bodies wet and slippery. As slippery as the fingers slide around my clit, slowly moving faster and more intense. The heat rises up my thighs, I grab his hand, press my fingers into his hairy skin and let the warm feeling fill my body.