5 Reasons Why We Are Into Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day can be a daunting celebration for many. Whether you are single and dread the idea of celebrating love and not having that special someone to celebrate the day with, are in a long-term relationship where the romance and spark have vanished or just don't give a damn about commercial celebrations to begin with, we share our top reasons why Valentine's Day is worth celebrating.

By the way, did you know that Valentine's Day has its roots already in the ancient Roman times, where St. Valentine was sentenced to death after not obeying the emperor's rules of staying a single, childless soldier?

1. Love is always worth celebrating

If you are in a committed relationship, we truly think that spending a day celebrating having that special someone in your life is worth it. How often do we otherwise take the time for our relationships to celebrate the ups and downs, the good and the challenging, if not on Valentine's Day. 

2. Reconnecting with your partner

Valentine's Day can also be a great reminder for us to set aside dedicated time connecting with your partner. When was the last time you had a proper conversation other than just talking about daily chores? 

3. Reminder of self-love for singles

Maybe you haven't found that special someone just yet, Valentine's Day can still be a day to celebrate despite all the happy couples around. It can be the day to remind yourself why you are not settling for anything less than you deserve or to celebrate the fact that your life is just as great with or without a partner.

4. Treat yourself or a partner with a gift

While we are all about sustainable consumption and not buying anything that you don't truly need, Valentine's Day can be the right time to treat yourself or a partner with that purchase you have been thinking about. For exploring pleasure by yourself with your partner, our Before, During & After Set is the perfect companion for those intimate moments. 

5. Arrange a romantic night in

If going out is out of the equation because of kids, the pandemic or other reasons, it can be really romantic to plan a night in. Set the tone with a relaxing atmosphere, dress appropriately and treat yourselves to something nice, such as dinner, movie or hot and steamy times with your partner.

Last but not least, we want to encourage not to stress, if Valentine's Day is not your cup of tea, or it didn't go as planned this year. Maybe the pandemic has taken a toll on your relationship and your wellbeing and all you can think about is laying on the couch watching TV. That's ok too. We're all about encouraging what feels good for you.

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