Why Should Women Use Lubricant?

Getting wet isn't always so easy

The vagina produces its own lubrication, which is stimulated by sexual arousal. This lubrication makes sex more comfortable and, yes, pleasurable, too. 

Let's just put the cat on the table. At the end of the day, your body can be affected by many factors other than how you feel at the moment. Sometimes natural lubrication doesn't kick in even when your mind is already going.  

The thing is – we just don't talk about it. The culture around us gives images how we should be turned on and what is normal sexual arousal. We start feeling shamed about our body, finding solutions as it would be something to cure. After all, it is completely normal phenomena. 


Relieving discomfort and pain during sex

We relieve you of the shame by telling you that many women suffer from vaginal dryness and occasional pain during sex. Women suffering from a wide range of medical conditions (such as vaginismus or endometriosis) may experience unwanted dryness and discomfort during sex.

Sometimes, especially after menopause or giving birth, a woman experiences vaginal dryness. As a result, intercourse can become painful. But that is not all. According to studies, vaginal dryness is experienced by many women and can result from a variety of conditions such as breastfeeding, stress, medical conditions such as diabetes and side effects of other certain medications. 

The impact of vaginal dryness on relationships, quality of life, daily activities and sexual function can be significant. But for some reason it is often underestimated. Especially, vaginal dryness affects sexual intimacy as well as the ability to have a loving and trusting relationship. It is important that partners understand the importance of lubrication for a comfortable sexual experience. 

Open discussion may be the best way to ensure lubrication. Sometimes all that is needed is more foreplay to ensure that the places are ready to go. Other times, it may be necessary to use a personal lubricant during sexual activity. But always, applying it together can be a great part of your foreplay. 

Sliding into pleasure

There are plenty of ways to use lube, not only to reduce friction and to supplement the body’s natural lubrication, but also to make things generally more pleasurable. 

Some women feel that sex is better when they are more lubricated. In fact, according to a study made in 2009, 2,453 women examined their use of lubricants in terms of sexual pleasure. About 96% of respondents either agreed or strongly agreed that lubricants made sex feel more comfortable. 

No matter are you in your twenties or sixties, most women say they like sex better when they're wet. Using lubricant also helped women reach orgasm more easily than without lubricant. So what ever is your need, lubricant makes it just much more fun.


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