Nudco Presale Just Launched

The female revolution for pleasure

In a world dominated by masculine ideals and aesthetics, nudco has come to change the perspective of how the sexual wellness industry currently sees and serves women. Currently, many intimate care products in the market contain harmful or synthetic ingredients and chemicals, are formulated to solely enhance male pleasure, and are not nightstand-friendly.

nudco offers the world's first multi-purpose intimate care and wellness product line, powered by oats and other superfoods, which includes a personal moisturiser, intimate oil, and massage and body oil. nudco’s innovative plant-based pleasure care products include only the good stuff from 100% natural ingredients which are rich in prebiotics and antioxidants. The products support women‘s intimate health and pH-balance through microbiome-friendly ingredients, natural antioxidants, and vitamins.

Pre-sale offer

Today nudco launches with a limited stock and shipping starts in August 2021. For the early birds, nudco offers a full sexual wellness set that includes three intimate care products at a presale bundle discount, free EU-wide delivery and a free intimate oil (30 ml) with the order. 


The philosophy

Since the inception of the business late 2020, nudco has been built around one cornerstone – its community, called 'the nude community'. With the help of community, the company's mission is turn female intimacy into an everyday conversation topic. Ultimately, the goal is to liberate sexual wellness. The team behind nudco consists of women who are passionate about changing the status quo and wanting to change how female sexuality is being discussed and addressed. 

nudco is committed to sustainability throughout the product life cycle. Ecology, respect for nature and transparency, both in the raw materials and in all stages of product manufacturing, have been the company's guiding principles from the very beginning. This is also reflected in the composition and packaging of the products. Choosing functional and natural nudco pleasure care products as part of one's sexual wellbeing means offering holistic wellness for both body and mind.