nudco Pleasure Products are Designed with Female Body in Mind

The need for change

It is widely acknowledged that the global sex market has been dominated by masculine ideals and aesthetics. At the same time, the industry spreads and supports the idea that women's bodies and sexuality are ok to be objectified.

When you add to this the fact that a large portion of products in the sex market contain harmful ingredients and chemicals, and that these products are not truly made with the the female body specifics in mind, the way the industry addresses and caters for women becomes a true problem. We want to change this.

At nudco, with the philosophy of offering high-quality, functional, natural pleasure products that specifically designed for the female body, we strive to bring about a difference in the way the sex industry currently sees and serves women.

We bring you an innovative, superfoods-powered product line that's made and offered to women in a discreet manner. We believe that the healthiest pleasure products are the ones with only a carefully selected, limited amount of the very best ingredients.

Focus on female body

There are significant differences between commercially available intimate care products. At nudco, we follow the recommendations for intimate area products and have designed our products with a pH of 4.5 since a higher vaginal pH above this value is proven to be associated with an increased risk of bacterial vaginosis.

Together with industry professionals and scientists we provide pleasure products which support female intimate area. To this end, we have chosen natural ways to maintain and improve the pH balance of the intimate area through the use of prebiotics. Prebiotics help restore natural bacteria balance, which – in turn – helps to balance the vaginal pH. This can protect against bacteria and all kinds of irritation, redness and itching. 

We at nudco take into account the many aspects of a woman's intimacy and sexuality. We don't simply focus on manufacturing products that aim for the best possible orgasm but, rather, we aim to address the everyday challenges that affect sexual health. As one may know, sometimes the best intimacy after a stressful day is a relaxing touch with an aromatic massage oil.


Safe for your body

There are intimate care products in the market that include parabens, chlorhexide gluconate, diazolidinyl urea urea and imidazolidinyl urea which are all preservatives. To name a few side effects of these preservatives, diazolidinyl urea releases cancer-causing formaldehyde, and in the worst case – causes cancer. In addition, methylisothiazolinone and methylchloroisothiazolinone are found in many liquid personal care products, and have been linked to irritation and allergic reactions.

Our revolution is to offer a safe and clean formula. We have made our formula to be 100% safe without any toxic chemicals and dirt. To achieve the best possible result, we invest in the quality and origins of our products as well as continuous product testing, safety and transparency in our pleasure products. 


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